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After many years of heading overseas to the UK and Europe the Crusaders met in Cairns on the 25th
June to play against the best of Far North Queensland’s young cricketers.
The first 10 days was met with overcast, mostly warm conditions including 4 days of rain. We were
accused by the locals of bringing the Melbourne weather with us. The last three days were bright
and sunny.
The Crusaders playing group was made up of 15 players ranging from Year 8 upwards to first year
university (Ages 14 – 20). The off-field group had Crusaders people who have known each other for
30 years or more. We also had some parents of the players attend, who mixed in easily and enjoyed
the cricketing holiday.
Our first game pitted us against some older more experienced players and a loss resulted. After a
lack-lustre second game, which we won, Swan stepped in and as only he could, gave the players a
rev up. The young men responded and continued to improve and play some very pleasing cricket.
The team was superbly led throughout the two weeks by Connor Poulton, who was full of energy
each day, encouraging all the players and forming a bond that saw them through some tight
On our first rest day we had a trip through Port Douglas onward to Mossman Gorge. Later in the tour
we went out onto a pontoon on the reef for the day and a great time was had by all.
Steve Pascoe did a wonderful job umpiring throughout the games and John Chapman did the
majority of the scoring. David Talalla showed his cricketing versatility in scoring, umpiring and
coaching at different times. Many thanks to these gentleman for their fine work.
Most of our games were at the Mulgrave cricket club who did an enormous job in organising lunches
and preparing wickets. One of the highlights of the trip was our final game under lights. We owe
them many thanks for their efforts. Another good day saw all Crusader tourists travel into the
Atherton Tablelands to take on a very keen Atherton CC who fielded many of their juniors under the
direction of some experienced players. It was a tight match and enjoyed by all.
Greg Chappell arrived on Friday 1 st July and spoke to our team for 15 minutes about cricket and later
that evening many of us attended a dinner where he spoke at length about his early years growing
up and eventually making it all the way to play cricket for Australia.
The tour was an outstanding success. We are indebted to Mr. Kevin Maher (OAM) the head of
Queensland country cricket who did so much work in selecting teams, organising grounds and
making sure that everything ran smoothly.
By all accounts this was the closest team of players the Crusaders have ever taken away.
Towards the end of the tour Swan said he would take them anywhere on the planet even to Mars.
Well done everyone on a unique and successful Crusaders tour to FNQ.

GAME 1 (40/40)-FNQ XI 8/259 v CRUSADERS 8/125
C. Poulton 70*, M. Atem 4/11, L. Destito 2/38

GAME 2 (40/40)-CRUSADERS 9/180 v FNQ XI 10/146
A. Powell 34, C. Poulton 32, L. Destito 29, L. Talalla 24, R. Bhasin 3/21, C. Poulton 2/15

GAME 3 (30/30)-CRUSADERS 6/141 v ATHERTON 10/92
A. Powell 47, R. Nand 39, L. Talalla 27*, A. Ingpen 6/16, B.Webber 2/12

GAME 4 (20/20)-CRUSADERS 4/133 v FNQ XI 10/130
B. Donellan 31*, R. Bhasin 27, C. Hastings 25*, L. Talalla 25*, B. Webber 5/15, C. Hastings 2/7

GAME 5 (20/20)-CRUSADERS 7/161 v FNQ XI 1/141
A. Powell 60*, C. Poulton 33, R. Nand 26, L. Talalla 1/5

GAME 6 (40/40)-CRUSADERS 8/173 v FNQ XI 10/104
C. Poulton 85, C. Hastings 27, A. Ingpen 5/22, L. Talalla 3/13

GAME 7 (20/20)-FNQ XI 10/128 v CRUSADERS 6/131
L. Destito 52*, M. Day 21, R. Bhasin 21, C. Hastings 3/21, M. Atem 2/20

GAME 8 (20/20)-CRUSADERS 2/149 v FNQ XI 10/106
C. Poulton 82*, B. Donellan 52*, L. Destito 3/5, C. Hastings 2/10, B. Webber 2/23

GAME 9 (20/20)-CFN XI 5/128 v CRUSADERS 4/130
R. Nand 61*, L. Destito 35, B. Webber 1/15, L. Destito 1/18

GAME 10 (20/20) (Twilight)-CFN XI 7/106 v CRUSADERS 6/93
A. Powell 26*, A.Kopievsky 23*,
B. Webber 1/7, A. Ingpen 1/11, C. Poulton 1/13, L. Destito 1/13, R. Bhasin 1/14, C. Hastings 1/21, L. Talalla 1/25